VueJS with Laravel is a popular choice to build applications

February 24, 2021
by admin

You may be wondering how VueJS and Laravel could have anything to do with each other. VueJS is a Javascript framework and Laravel is a PHP framework, and there can’t possibly be any way that they could serve any purpose to each other, or could they? And remember, you can always hire a developer if at any point you feel that things are going over your head.

To understand that, however, you first need to enlighten yourself with so many facts, and this is that one exhaustive stop where you will find everything you need to know about both of these frameworks, let alone how they are going to be useful for each other. Let’s talk about Vue.JS first.

Brief Introduction About VueJs
VueJS is an advanced JavaScript framework that is used to create user interface and single page applications. Unlike many of its monolithic counterparts, VueJS has been designed from the scratch so as to be incrementally adoptable. The basic library of the framework is focused on the view layer of the application and is extremely simple for developers to pick-up and integrate with other libraries or any of the existing projects.

Most projects use Vue.JS for prototyping and for creating interactive single-page web applications. As it is engineered from scratch with JavaScript, it is quite scalable. That is probably why 66% of developers in the Stack Overflow survey stated they loved the framework.

Brief Introduction About Laravel
Laravel makes web development simple, enjoyable and a creative experience. They make development process pleasing and enjoyable without sacrificing on functionality. They put together the very best pieces of other frameworks, comprising frameworks implemented in other languages.

Understanding Laravel and Vue.JS
Although both VueJS and Laravel drive from different programming languages, and it may appear irrelevant as to how VueJS with Laravel could offer support to each other. However, you would be surprised to know that VueJS supports Laravel in more than one way. Below discussed are main reasons for why one should use VueJS with Laravel.

Laravel is a very cost-effective framework as it demarcates business logic code and presentation code by separating model, controller, and view between HTML designers and developers. This makes bug-fixing and iterations a streamlined process without allocating extra resources. Moreover, the Laravel command scheduler allows you to use only one Cron entry on the server and schedule commands within the framework.

VueJS can help you to create a full-scale event-driven web application that manages all the activities on the frontend. It also provides composable components that can be used in whichever way you wish to use. As it couples amazingly with Laravel, you will only require to make a few trips so as to request data from your Laravel application and make user interface changes by just switching components without the need to reload the page.

You can easily prompt user interface changes in your VueJs frontend, which in turn offers an incredible experience to your users. It could be as simple as creating a text on your page editable or swapping out a complete component so as to load up a video that is requested by a user without reloading the page.

Considering the speed and performance of VueJS, this happens quite smoothly as well as fast without consuming much of your computer resources.

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