Now, another big name that seems to be paving its way into the Metaverse is Disney. The American entertainment conglomerate has included several blockchains, NFT, web3, AR and AI firms in its accelerator programme, which hints at a possible move into the cryptoverse. So, let’s find out more about Disney’s Accelerator programme and the firms that are part of this initiative.

So, apparently Disney has an accelerator program?

And almost all of the companies included in the 2022 cohort were focused on Web3.

(Good sign!).

Disney Music Group

One of the companies – Obsess – just launched an interactive, Web3 e-commerce platform in collaboration with Disney.

The idea being that fans can discover soundtracks from Disney films and TV shows by clicking on records and other items throughout the virtual space.

Here’s why this is cool:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Big companies, with existing fan bases (especially companies with nostalgia attached to their brand, like Disney) have a huge head start in onboarding the masses into Web3.

In order to achieve that, they need the right teams to build the tech – hence why the accelerator is a smart move.

According to Ken Bunt, President of Disney Music Group, the objective of this project is: “To launch an exciting new shopping experience for our Disney Music Emporium store. As we prepare to celebrate 100 years of Disney, this is the perfect way to create discovery and fun for our guests.”

So, inbuilt trust from a legacy brand + partnering with the right team for development + a fun and exciting new shopping experience for fans…

Equals one more step on the path to mass adoption of Web3.

The firms that are part of the Disney Accelerator programme revolve around Web3, AR, AI, creative storytelling, 3D virtual stores, e-commerce, and blockchain. Therefore, while Disney’s theme park experiences are sure to improve in leaps and bounds, you imagine something much bigger is also on the cards. With the assortment of web3 firms at hand and a whole universe of Disney characters and worlds to play with, the possibilities could be endless, should the entertainment conglomerate choose to enter the Metaverse.

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