Global blockchain technology market size is projected to grow from $17.57 billion in 2023 to $469.49 billion by 2030.

But does that translates to real world implementations? – Yes.

Many CEOs have leveraged blockchain technology to achieve business efficiencies. Well, so far we’ve only talked about crypto projects that are solely from the crypto industry. However, this article will be a little different. Instead of solely looking at crypto projects, let’s look at a few established companies that use blockchain to run their everyday business, and mind you, there are many. And a testament to that fact is the fact that it is making impressive inroads on Wall Street too! Blockchain technology is being embraced by some of the biggest titans of the tech industry.

And this is more so as more and more companies creating and hosting blockchain technologies like blockchain applications or crypto exchanges, some of which now even featuring on the stock market and proving to be profitable assets for investors. Heres a list of some of the most prominent companies that use or offer blockchain based services today.

⇒ IBM, one of the pioneers in the technology space founded in the United States has been an active player in the blockchain space. One of its biggest blockchain based business include services to help businesses integrate blockchain systems into their own processes. IBM also hosts its own blockchain platform and open-source framework known as Hyperledger Fabric. IBM’s blockchain solutions have helped overcome hurdles in supply chains, credential security and even digital asset management in other companies. It also has over 120,000 organization contributing to the Hyperledger Fabric project.

⇒ Walmart applied blockchain to solve a common logistics issue by building a blockchain network and streamlined its payment disputes with its 70 third-party freight carriers.

⇒ Coca-Cola’s partner companies have expanded their use of blockchain to enhance efficiency across the bottling supply chain.

⇒ Microsoft recently announced a partnership with a blockchain firm to work on AI and Web3 capabilities.

Now is the right time for you to future proof your business, and achieve cost savings, efficiency, and security through blockchain.

Business functions are no longer operating in silos. It is one unified approach, and they are tapping into the power of blockchain to make it more successful.

Let’s build the blockchain future together.

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